Hi! DeeDee here! 🙂 Welcome to Your Evolved Life Photography!

I started out in Photography several years ago. My photography has come a long way in those years and I have certainly found my particular style of photography!

Through the years my business name has also gone through changes. I was Indianspirrit Arts (yes 2 r’s) for awhile and then there was a small stint with Freya Louise Photography – not sure what my thought process was there (lol). Eventually I moved on to Gypsy Soul Studio but it turns out that FB did not like the name “Gypsy” . So – here I am now as Your Evolved Life Photography. Why this name? I have moved all my work over to this business name and you know what? It really suits everything I do! 🙂

Throughout my galleries you will find my style of photography to be Candid or Natural. I love catching people just truly being themselves! I feel like our smiles and personalities shine through our entire being when we are just being ourselves.I love infant and child photography! It is one of my favorite along with black and white. Kids are always just simply them and black and white photos I find to be beautiful, classic and timeless. Have you seen the “paint war” photos? That was a fun photoshoot!

I am always learning new things in the world of photography and I am sure I probably always will.

Life is no fun if we are not learning!

If you would like to set up a photoshoot with me then just shoot me a message 🙂

I love working with new people and new concepts!

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