Poetry is a window to ones soul……..

Poetry is defined as “literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm.”

Poetry is not rhyming words, it is not stanzas, it is not a dissected piece of work. Poetry is, in its barest of terms, a piece of someones soul, heart , thoughts, feelings and creativity. Welcome to this sacred place where poets of all sorts share a tiny piece of themselves.

~Peace, Love & Light~


Dee with Your Evolved Life

Two Souls

He knows me
more than I know myself
I know him
more than he knows himself
Our souls
are made of the same material
We are one
We are two parts of a whole
Him and I

~Dee @ Your Evolved Life~

Show Me

Show me your battle scars
Show me your emotion
Show me the poetry in your soul
Show me the beauty of your heart
Show me your darkness
Show me your light
Show me who you are
So I can love them all

Dee @ Your Evolved Life


I am a master at packing light.

Leaving I know at a moments notice.

Life is so unpredictable, when will the fear subside?

When will the uncertainty of safety stop?

When will I feel safe enough to stay?

When can I unpack fully and stay?

When can I build without fear?

~Dee @ Your Evolved Life~

Rare Soul

Your Soul is Rare

A gift to the world

A glimmer

of light to someone

A beautiful entity

Your Soul is Rare

Dee @ Your Evolved Life


Darkness ……

Made me stronger

Dark and Tormented

Light and Passion

Heart and Soul

Fire and Ice

Darkness ……

Made me who I am

Dee @Your Evolved Life


Do Not Judge

Do not judge

You don’t know my story

A child undone

Living to survive

A natural hurricane

living the life the way I know

A healing heart and soul

Do not judge

You do not know my story

Dee @ Your Evolved Life


Innocent Soul

They trashed my soul

They took my innocence

And everything I thought was good in this world.

They destroyed a young heart

and molded a cynical woman.

Through it all – After it all

I morphed into a beautiful butterfly

unafraid to conquer the world

and everything that stood in my way.

I became an unstoppable force

with a broken but healing heart.

A wandering gypsy soul and spirit full of fire.

Can they see me now?

I challenge them to see the strength that is me

and to know everything they took from me …..

I took back with the vengeance of a goddess.

~Dee @ Your Evolved Life~


I believe in storms , behind them is the sunshine.

They bring with them the debris

we use to build a fortress around our souls.

They clear out the old and awaken the new.

Sometimes …. the soul needs a storm to grow.

~Dee @ Your Evolved Life~