Meditation: For Those That Just CAN'T: A simplified Guide

Meditation: For Those That Just CAN’T: A simplified Guide


Meditation is something that is supposed to relax us – put us into a calmer state of mind. For many people therein lies the problem. Meditation is often seen as sitting still and focusing on breath. The reality is there are many forms of meditation and something to suit everyone to be sure.
This book is a great read. Very helpful to find different ways to meditate and extremely helpful for those that are unable to do traditional meditation. I learned some great ways to get into a meditative state when I do not have the time to do a standard meditation. I was able to use her tips from the get go. This is written like Demetria is talking to you across the table as you are having a cup of coffee together. I am quite happy she is now offering life coaching sessions. Thanks for offering this book!!! Amazon Review

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